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HKIFA Press Conference (Feb 19, 2024)




Central, Hong Kong



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Philip Tso, co-chair of the HKIFA Pensions Subcommittee, and Sally Wong, CEO of HKIFA, hosted a press briefing on Feb 19, 2024 to share the latest MPF performance in the past 12 months, market outlook for the Year of the Dragon, as well as the importance of the dollar-cost averaging and diversification investment approaches.

Philip remarked: “By adhering to a disciplined, effective, yet simple dollar-cost averaging investment strategy, investors can mitigate the impact of price volatility, and harness the power of compounding to achieve their financial goals.”

The dollar-cost averaging strategy, which typically involves making investments on a regular basis, outperformed lump-sum investing across the majority of HKIFA’s 26 MPF categories over 1-year and 3-year periods, according to HKIFA data.


21 04 2024 04:42:12am