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There are different types of members.

Full and overseas members

A fund company can qualify as a full member or an overseas member if it is either the manager or the investment adviser of at least one investment fund. The main difference between these two types of members is that a full member must be a company incorporated in Hong Kong or if it is incorporated outside Hong Kong, it has established a place of business in Hong Kong whereas an overseas member must be a company incorporated in any part of the world other than Hong Kong.

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affiliate members

Affiliate members

A company that has obtained a licence from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission for type 9 regulated activities or is a fund company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China.

The primary business is fund management including the management of discretionary accounts, segregated portfolios or providing investment management services for non-collective investment schemes or the manager. In addition, an investment adviser of any fund investment company or arrangement not included as an Investment Fund is also eligible to apply as an affiliate member.

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Associate members

An company conducting or providing any service of accounting, legal, trustee, custodian, administration, banking, distribution, and technological support to the fund management industry or any related professional services.

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