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Monthly Trend Summary

December 2023

Hong Kong Retail sales experienced the lowest gross sales and highest gross redemptions of 2023 during December, at US$3.7B and US$5.2B respectively. This translated to a negative net sales figure of -US$1.5B for December, though the 2023 net sales total remained positive at US$187M.

2023 gross sales and gross redemptions figures were comparable at US$55.6B and US$55.4B respectively.Monthly negative net sales continued to be led by Equities at -US$738M, followed by Mixed Assets at -US$456M. Bonds and Money Market both turned negative during the month. At a category level, Bonds North America saw the standout positive net sales at US$150M for the month, with US$507M of gross sales outstripping redemptions. Mixed Assets North America led the gross sales for the month at US$804M, though this was exceeded by gross redemptions to leave the category negative on a net sales basis at -US$127M.

Daniel Willmott, Broadridge


Total Sales and Redemptions – past 12 months (in US$ million)

As of December 2023

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Gross Retail Sales to HK Investors (by % and US$)

December 2023


  • Mixed Assets North America (21.5%)
  • Bonds North America (13.6%)
  • Bonds Global (11.2%)
  • Money Market (9.8%)
  • Equities Global (9.2%)
  • Bonds High Yield Global (7.0%)
  • Mixed Assets Global (6.1%)
  • Equities Sectors & Themes ex-Asia Pacific (4.9%)
  • Equities Asia Pacific (2.6%)
  • Equities North America (2.1%)
  • Other (12.1%)

Gross Retail Redemptions by HK Investors (by % and US$)

December 2023


  • Mixed Assets North America (17.9%)
  • Equities Global (10.3%)
  • Bonds Global (9.7%)
  • Mixed Assets Global (8.5%)
  • Money Market (8.1%)
  • Equities Sectors & Themes ex-Asia Pacific (7.0%)
  • Bonds North America (6.9%)
  • Bonds High Yield Global (4.9%)
  • Equities Asia Pacific (4.1%)
  • Bonds Asia Pacific (3.6%)
  • Other (19.2%)

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